4 Reasons You Shouldn't Miss Out on e-SIM Smartphone Technology

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Today, you can use your smartphones for so many things. Most manufacturers have improved smartphone data handling capacity for your convenience. You can access your bank accounts on your mobile phone, find direction to various locations or even synchronise your phone with some of the appliances in your home. Notably, the sim chip is one of the important components of your smartphone, enabling you to register the device, make calls, send messages and access the internet. With several service providers in the market, there are different ordinary sim chips available for you yet it is difficult to synchronise the services that they offer, forcing you to buy a new chip. Thankfully, e-Sim chips can change your mobile smartphone experience for the good. Here are three reasons you should consider upgrading to eSim technology:

Ease of Changing Operators

eSim is an integrated sim chip that doesn't have to be removed from the smartphone that you are using. This is because the phone comes with a rewritable sim chip that allows you to change your service provider as you wish. With a rewritable sim chip, old information regarding your current network provider can be altered and configured to accommodate those of your new service provider. All this takes place without the need to buy another sim chip. Since you can change operators without much hustle, eSim enables you to take advantage of low internet, call and messaging rates depending on the amount levied by individual service providers.

Freedom to Use Multiple Devices

Sometimes, you need to get a new sim chip because of handset compatibility issues especially after changing your smartphone brand. Some smartphones use nanochips while others use microchips, which vary in size. This forces you to get a new chip whenever you are switching from one smartphone brand to another. However, eSim smartphones come with an inbuilt chip. You will just subscribe to the specific network that you want instead of buying a new chip.


With rewritable chips, you will have an easier time travelling between different countries. You can sign up to new network services without buying new sim chips. This will help you avoid additional data and call charges often charged by some service providers when you make international calls.

Internet of Things

In some cases, it is hard to synchronise your mobile phone with appliances at home or computerised machines at work. Some of these limitations are caused by your network providers. However, eSim chips have a global architecture that will allow the internet of things. You can switch to network providers who offer services that allow you to connect your appliances.